Many people play Witcher 3 now. It has been about two weeks since the premiere of these game. In the Witcher universe monster (vampires, werewolves, etc.) came to existence in our world due to conjunction of spheres – a dramatic incident when two dimensions collided.  I don’t know if Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the Witcher series ever heard about multiverse. But the idea of multiple universes is a real physical theory. I’ve seen a documentary – Universe of Multiverse – hosted by Brian Green, explains the idea step by step. This is thrilling and exiting. The idea of multiverse according to three major thought processes – string theory, eternal inflation and dark energy. I’m not going to repeat the principles here, but just to present some scratch of information let me write this – the level of dark energy is crucial to live in each of the universes that make up the multiverse, eternal inflation explains why the universe keeps expanding and string theory tells about the construction of matter and multiple possibilities of that construction. And the proof of existence of multiverse may be the providing evidence that two universes did collide and left energy trace of it – cosmic fingerprint. If you like astrophysics and science – read about it. If you play the Witcher – also consider it 🙂 And watch out for ghouls 😉