Yup, yet another blog. I thought so until my friend (thanks Emil) convinced me that a blog must not be the most original and best source of knowledge. That I should perceive it as a place where I can make notes for myself and possibly others. So if you find something interesting here, than I will be happy.

What I write here about will be mainly software architecture (systems and solutions architecture) and software delivery process. For a few past years I’ve been working as a software architect and senior developer and a place where I can store my notes will be very useful for me. And maybe for others too. SOA, Microservices, Single page view, Event Driven Architecture, Complex Event processing, Big Data… – there are a lot of interesting things to write about.

I may write a few about history and science, as these are my secret hobbies 🙂 How fearsome and effective the Mongols were (answer: very, and their tactics was stunning to the western European knights) ? Was the battle of France lost without any serious resistance by the French during WW2 (answer: no, not really, although the French command was quite weak and indecisive as far as I know)? We can learn many interesting things from the past events. What do you think about idea of multiverse ?

A few words to introduce my self 🙂 My name is Maciej Jaźwiński, I am a freelancer currently I work for Polish bank as a senior developer and architect. I have experience in systems and solution architecture, team leadership, management and software delivery.  I’m one of the guys, who believe that system architects must write code, though they tend to write less as they do more purely architecture related tasks. And that’s when we get best of both worlds.

Keep walking… – what does it mean? Apart from a Johny Walker marketing label 🙂 it is my motto – to get to know new things, gain knowledge and experience. Learn and develop. Life’e a journey 🙂

Feel free to link with me on LinkedIn, as this is the only Social Network I use. I don’t have Facebook account and I will not create one 🙂